Fast Facts

Origin of Name: OBANDO was named after Governor General José Francisco de Obando y Solis, Marquis de Brindisi, who issued a decree on May 14, 1753 creating the town of Obando.

Incumbent Mayor: EDWIN CRUZ SANTOS (UNA)

Date of Creation of LGU: May 14, 1753

Land Area: 1,458 hectares

Political Subdivisions: 11 Barangays (population)

  1. Panghulo (11,319)
  2. Catanghalan (3,139)
  3. Pag-asa (3,485)
  4. Paliwas (5,369)
  5. San Pascual (7,104)
  6. Hulo (2,358)
  7. Lawa (8,182)
  8. Paco (7,102)
  9. Tawiran (1,895)
  10. Binuangan (5,237)
  11. Salambao (1,158)

Population: 56,258 (2007 Census of Population)

Growth Rate: 0.85%

Density: 3,858.57/sq. Km.

Educational Institutions:

  • 14 Elementary Schools
  • 5 High Schools
  • 2 Tertiary Level

Economy: Fishing; Fishpond Operation

Income Classification: 2nd Class

EcoTourism: Obando Fertility Dance Festival held every May 17, 18 and 19 at the San Pascual Baylon Parish Church, Diocesan Shrine of Nuestra Seniora de Inmaculada Concepcion de Salambao (built in 1754)


Obando as the vanguard of the rich cultural heritage of historical and progressive Bulacan, with a unified and peace-loving people, responsive, efficient public servants, and supportive organizations working together to sustain ecologically-balanced environment, dynamic and diversified economy, and community development guided by the Divine Providence.


  • To continuously preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Bulacan
  • To deliver fast and effective basic services pursuant to existing policies, rules and regulations
  • To maximize revenue generating programs
  • To raise the level of efficiency, effectivity and morale of public servants through personnel development programs
  • To encourage people’s active participation in local governance and in the maintenance of an ecologically-balanced community.
  • To attain the right attitude and do one’s share with the guidance of the Almighty God

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